India’s largest EV charging station opens on National Highway in Gurugram.

National Highway for Electric Vehicles has unveiled the country’s largest charging station, Electrify. These stations are the largest ever standard format of Ease of Doing Business for charging stations being built across the country.

India’s largest charging station in the Ease of Doing Business program was inaugurated on Friday in Sector 52 of Gurugram under the National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) technical pilot of e-highway. This station with 100 chargers was opened for inspection of ‘Certification Compliance’ and ‘Safety Instruction Standards’ from today. In which the revised guidelines issued by the Ministry of Power in January 2022- This will be the first major charging station ever to meet the directives and standards under which a revenue sharing model of the Ministry of Power for land use and NHEV to make charging stations economically viable. The first e-highway connecting Jaipur-Delhi-Agra will be built in the initial project.

100 Charging Points
This is the largest charging station in India with 100 charging points for electric taxes. Earlier, the station with 16 AC and 4 DC charger located in Navi Mumbai was considered to be the largest. This station is not only a benchmark for the electric vehicle industry but also for the upcoming stations in the country. Guests from NITI Aayog and various government institutions involved in the program were invited by NHEV. Program Director Abhijeet Sinha also informed about the technical capability of the station and the safety standards to be implemented.

Ease of Doing Business Program Director and NHEV in additional charge during the competition to give competition to the petrol pump. Project Director Abhijeet Sinha said, “India is about to reach the stage of prioritizing investment in electric transportation infrastructure and infra over income from petroleum transportation. Pilot projects like NHEV Ltd. has made charging stations a competitor to petrol pumps for investors by providing ease of service for licence, construction, installation, installation, electrification and standards certification and compliance. 

Such large and widespread charging stations were not built in the country till now and these stations are an example of Ease of Doing Business for the industry today in Certification Compliance and Safety Instruction Standards. Electric vehicles are our future and this model station is our preparation for that future. This modern station is being opened today for testing all the parameters so that the NHEVs to be built in the pilot project on Jaipur-Delhi-Agra can be upgraded. To make the stations world class and best.” 

To reduce carbon emissions
Sudhendu Sinha, Senior Advisor, Infrastructure, Infra Integrated Connective Transport in NITI Aayog, said in his address that the country is committed to stop environmental degradation and try to stop carbon emissions completely by 2070. . Electric vehicles and traffic will make a significant contribution to this effort. Today’s inauguration of this station will give a boost to this direction and it will also encourage investment in vehicle charging infrastructure and more people will come into this business.” He also appreciated such efforts being made in the Ease of Doing Business program. of

576 vehicles will be charged in the whole day
NHEV Praveen Kumar, a member of the Working Group and Managing Director of Electrify Station, said that 96 chargers are currently running in the station and the station can charge 96 electric cars simultaneously and 576 vehicles can be charged in a whole day. An AC charger fully charges a car in 6 hours and charges 4 such vehicles in a whole day. We have 72 such chargers which can charge 288 vehicles non-stop throughout the day. Whereas a DC fast charger can comfortably charge a car in less than 2 hours and in 1 day there are 12 and 24 such chargers which can fast charge 288 electric cars in 1 day. 

During the event, the organizing body EODB, which has contributed through its technology pilot projects to the Prime Minister’s Ease of Doing Business initiative. Services has launched its flagship pilot program NHEV in the area of ​​Electric Mobility. Also unveiled the state-of-the-art structural design of the station, which puts India among the most advanced nation ever built in the category of electric charging stations. Its program director Sinha told that “While these semi-circular stations are of gold standard in environmental and green standards of construction, they neither exploit any kind of environment nor leave any kind of pollution in the environment. 

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