Bajaj Pulsar P150 Review: How to drive with new engine and features?

Since last year, Bajaj has been working on completely revamping its Pulsar series. In the year 2021, the company launched its new Pulsar N250 and F250 and after the new N160 this year, it has now brought the new P150, which is a completely new motorcycle. In this, new engine and new features are available, as well as its prices have also become higher than before. Now the question in the mind of the people is whether buying a new motorcycle, even if the price is high, will prove to be a profitable deal or not. You will know the answer to this question in this complete review.

Looks and Design

The year 2022 has completely revamped the Bajaj Pulsar P150. That is, new engine, new frame, new design, new suspension and new features have been included in it. Compared to the current model, this bike has now become lighter and has also started giving more refined and more mileage.  It has new design and this design is inspired by the elder brother N250. It features an aggressive fuel tank, sharp body panels and a belly pan. From the front, it gets a different LED projector headlight and it reminds of the N160. The company is positioning it just below the Pulsar N160, so that’s why a lot of things are seen in this motorcycle like the N160. Like the N160 and N250, it has a new semi-digital instrument console. In this you will find all the information which has been given two trip meters, distance to empty, a clock, a side-stand cut off and gear position indicator. Apart from this, the company has given a USB charging socket in P150. However, better build quality is seen in the new Pulsar P150, due to which you will see the new generation Pulsar. However, it misses out on a few things, including a fully digital instrument cluster.

In terms of dimensions and ergonomics

The P150 is longer than the N160 and the seat height is slightly lower at 790 mm. small height people can also carry it easily. The top-spec dual-disc variant gets clip-on handlebars, split grab rails and a split seat. You get a very sporty feel when you sit. Fuel tank of 14 liters is available. The footpegs have now become lighter i.e. aluminum footpegs have been installed in it. The engine has also become lighter. Overall, the new P150 (dual disc) is almost 9 kg lighter than the outgoing model with a curb weight of 141 kg.

Engine and Performance

In the new Pulsar P150, the company has given a new single-cylinder, 2-valve, 150-cc engine that generates 14.3 bhp power at 8,500 rpm and 13.5 Nm torque at 6,000 rpm. It’s a 2-valve engine so now you know for yourself that it hasn’t been designed for top-end performance. However, you will get 90 per cent torque between 3,500 rpm and 8,000 rpm. We drove the new Pulsar P150 both in the city and on the highway and were quite pleased with its performance. There is no problem with the gear shift and the engine is refined. According to the company, it takes 5.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph. If you are riding it as a commuter motorcycle then you will find it quite pleasing. On the other hand, if you try to drive it at a speed of 80 kmph or above on the highway, then you feel a lot of vibration here. At a speed of 60-70 kmph, you do not face any kind of problem. Talking about ride and handling, the new Pulsar P150 has become lighter than before and the suspension is also slightly softer.  The handling is great, you don’t face any kind of problem here. You can easily pass through bumper to bumper traffic with this bike. Talking about braking, there is no problem of any kind here too. Talking about the mileage, the new P150 will easily give you a mileage of 48-49 kmpl. If you are having a decent ride with it.

Our Verdict:

The starting price of Bajaj Pulsar P150 is Rs 1,16,755 (ex-showroom), which is of single disc variant. The dual-disc variant costs Rs 1,19,757 (ex-showroom). Overall, it is a very affordable motorcycle in its segment, which will give you better ride quality, better mileage and good looks.

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